Welcome to the Solana Beach Child Development Center. We hope you and your child will enjoy being a part of our program. We believe that all children can learn and succeed. It is our mission to provide children the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively in a safe, secure and inclusive environment. We believe that we offer superior preschool and childcare programs in our community. The Solana Beach Child Development Center is committed to providing services that support and contribute to the success and well being of our families. We believe children’s experiences during the early childhood years influence the rest of their lives. Children in our program start wherever they are on the developmental continuum and they grow and learn at their own pace. We believe that children learn best when they have the freedom to make choices. We provide children with opportunities for child-initiated, child-directed play with developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Our teachers facilitate learning by guiding, questioning and assisting in developing skills. We believe children deserve to be taught and cared for by adults who genuinely enjoy young children. Our staff respects and values each child for his or her uniqueness. We recognize that each child has individual strengths, needs, special interests, and life experiences.
Parents play an important role in helping to enrich Child Development Center programs. We welcome your interest, involvement, and support. Please let us know if you ever have questions or concerns. We realize you have a choice when selecting your childcare and preschool providers, and appreciate the opportunity to share this special time in your child’s life.